Value proposition
for talents

We are undergoing a clear and rapid development process, together with the MUVIN APP’s platform exponential growth. We are expanding our software factory business by launching The Factory 360.
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Strongly growing company.

Projects from different industrie and technologies.

Frontline technological stack.

People-centered culture and focus on
        working hard while enjoying ourselves.

A place that fosters professional development
        according to the potential of each person.

High global and local exposure.






As of the beginning of the 2020 holiday plan, you shall have working days’ holidays instead of consecutive days’ holidays (14 consecutive days = 10 working days). They shall be divided.



5 AISA days


We added 5 more rest days called “5 AISA days”, which shall not be considered for the payment of vacation bonus nor in the final settlement.





You can take a day off on your birthdate or during the corresponding month.



Access to Platzi platform courses


Unlimited access to different technology courses: platzi.com





You will receive a set amount per month to undertake any physical activity of your choice.

Health insurance


Top-quality health insurance totally paid by the company not only for you but also for your dependant family group (partner and children).





You will receive a set amount to cover internet expenses.



After office and social events


Monthly after office with the whole team.



Physical activity


A weekly 30-minutes exercise class to improve postural habits..

Join a challenging and innovative workspace in continuous growth.

Open positions
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1. Angular frontend dev. >

2. PHP backend dev. >

3. PHP/Angular full stack dev. >

4. Tech account manager >

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